We’ve got a secret to tell...

Article publié le 21/01/20 à 16:10 par Anais Renvoize

In 2020, we’ll be introducing our new identity: Les Moulins Secrets d’Artisans. It exemplifies our policy of empathy, which is about meeting your needs as closely as possible and partnering your success.

The history of our mills stretches back to 1922. It is a story of connections, dialogue and teamwork between regional millers, and more recently the grain farmers of the Axereal Cooperative. Out of the positive alchemy between men and women with exceptional expertise grew our secret: France’s long-standing love affair with good craft bread.

We have created this identity to honour you, our dedicated Craft Bakers. Every day, at the heart of our regions, we rely on you to turn our flours into exceptional bread.

A new year and new horizons!

Experience the passion of “Moulins Secrets d’Artisans” for yourself in our video: